Explore the virtual 3D UnBound Metaverse with a tap of a button on your device.

Starting its development in 2017, the UnBound metaverse is focused on social connections and societal development. With over 100,000 users exploring the UnBound Metaverse, our company continues to upgrade and create new functions for users to explore and discover everyday.


Experiences are enhanced in the metaverse through virtual characters, narratives and interactives. 

In the UnBound Metaverse, experiences are further enhanced through exciting stories and activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Discover a new identity and universe as you traverse the world that you create with your loved ones.


The UnBound Metaverse focuses on developing lasting and real human relationships

Develop new bonds and make lasting connections through our virtual interactive platform to meet new friends, discover new hobbies and share your real experiences virtually

Share pictures, videos and explore virtual spaces with your friends and family in the UnBound Metaverse!