Brains or Brawn? Be the first to find the treasure hidden inside Sunway College & University with the hints give on our Instagram @unbound.edn, our website and Sunway’s Confession Page on FB.


The winner will be awarded the title Sunway’s Ultimate Hunter and receive gifts worth more than RM100 from 97 Bros, Bloom This, Food Panda and many more.


PS: The faster you are, the more gifts you can win.


Game Details


Date: 20th – 24th August


Guide to become Sunway’s Ultimate Hunter:

  1. Clues will be released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  2. Use the clues to find the hidden treasure
  3. As more hints are released, the prize reduces each time
  4. When you find the treasure, post a picture of it on Instagram and tag us @unbound.edn with the #UltimateHunter
  5. The earliest to find the treasure receives the gift and becomes Sunway Ultimate Hunter