The Story Begins

A 100 years into the future, a paradise

of technology has been created. A world

of lands where every human lives through

the UnBound System, guarded by the 

AI Guardians called ‘Centurions’.

The Centurions were created long ago with 

the function of protecting mankind, creating

new technology for all men to enjoy. The world

had finally reached its pinnacle in technological



Through the system, humans now travel through

portals to reach different lands and everyday

life is now guided by personal bots called AURO.

However, 10 years ago, a crack in the system 

appeared with vast amounts of wealth and 

power absorbed by the Centurions from the 

System. And now, an Unknown Virus has spread 

from the Centurions and now is creating chaos 

in UnBound, causing unprecedented events to 

happen, with tsunamis, wildfires and other 

disasters falling upon the lands.