The Story Begins

Not known by mankind is the world connected to its earth, a land of fairy tale, youth and riches, a place called the Oasis. Since its inception, it has been linked to us, but what was once a blessing is now their curse. Oasis, odd as it may be, lives by hope and belief. Every time a man starts believing, a creature sprouts within, growing Oasis as it has been since it once began. Forget if you must the creatures you once conceived, but stop believing if you do, what was once Oasis will cease to exist.

A rebellion has stirred among the people of the Oasis to defeat the 10 evil Kings who wish to kill half the population. The rebellion is led by a beast named Eva, famed for her knowledge and bravery, to protect her friends and family. She believed Oasis was not bound by the selfish Kings and their wishes, Unbound she named the group, a secret union to bring the Kings to their end.

5,000 creatures, chosen for their abilities, worked alongside Eva in their plan to end their King’s treachery. A goal they had to kill the 10 kings in 5 days before the assassins set out, or half the population will surely meet their demise. But word spread out of the society, and surely enough the Kings sent out their assassins to end the Unbound.

Work hard and work fast, as success will surely bring you riches and glory as the hero of all of Oasis. Avoid the assassins and kill the Kings, fellow beings of the UnBound, hesitate not as your journey begins now.