Kingdom: Ealoh (鬼)

King: Auberon

Ealoh is a land of spies and ghosts. Trained at a young age, members of the kingdom are highly skilled at assassination and builds its economy upon mercenary missions.

King Auberon is a mysterious man who ascended the throne 3 years ago. No soul alive today has seen his face, nobody except the dead souls of his enemies




Kingdom: Rya (贵)

King: Ryu

The Rya Kingdom is the noble clan of the Oasis, home to the creatures of the highest social standing in the 10 Kingdoms. 

King Ryu is from the main branch of the Rya clan, born and bred among only the purest of blood. As the only son of the pureblood, Ryu became King at a mere age of 15 and has continued the reign ever since.





Kingdom: Yi (药)

King: Enma

The Kingdom of Yi is the land of immortality, famous for its advanced medical practices and research, home to the healers of Oasis. The people of Yi live by the saying ‘Life is sacred and must be preserved’ and have mastered the art of soul preservation, living hundreds of years with no fear of death but only the fear of sickness.

However, King Enma is from the secret creatures of the Dark Soul that focuses on the destruction of life, through the creation of deadly poisons.





Kingdom: Sanutha (攻)

King: Shamal

The Kingdom of Sanutha is home to the mightiest warriors in the Oasis, members of the clan pride themselves in perfecting the art of combat which reflects their standing in society.

Shamal is the Great Eagle of the Wind, the youngest general ever to hold the title of King, and known as the strongest warrior in all of Oasis’s history.





Kingdom: Kir (创)

King: Lea

Kir is the land of merchants. Located at the centre of the Oasis, it is a rich and colourful city with goods from all around the kingdom, with exotic products lined up all around the markets.

King Lea is the richest merchant of all the land, at the age of 44, he ascended the throne and is known to be shrewd and cunning, even in his rule over the people. However, since he became the king, Kir has flourished with many visitors from all over the Oasis.





Kingdom: Auro (盗)

King: Bayou

Auro is a kingdom by the sea, home to pirates who live by no rules but those set by themselves. People of Auro steal and take from any person who passes their land, and fame themselves as the bandits of the Oasis.

King Bayou is a fearsome leader who has ascended the throne, uniting all the pirates through his merciless tactics and brute strength. Many in Auro are loyal to Bayou and would do anything necessary to ensure King Bayou’s success.





Kingdom: Rok (守)

King: Albus

Rok is a place known as the unbreakable fortress, the kingdom surrounded by many layers of walls. Many armies have tried to take siege on this land but none of which have succeeded, yet.

King Albus is the great grandson of the King who created the wall and successfully defended the kingdom through 19 wars since it was first built. Since King Albus’s reign, he has since started the project to build 3 more walls surrounding the land to protect the kingdom from falling.





Kingdom: Outha (猎)

King: Equidae

Outha is the great kingdom of hunters, home to many small tribes that hunt for a living. Men in Outha are taught to throw a spear and ride a horse at the age of 3, and will learn to provide for the family as hunter gatherers every since.

King Equidae spent 4 long years travelling Outha in hopes of uniting the many tribes of the kingdom. However, much to his dismay only half the tribes are currently under his rule, as the free men refuse to have their freedom taken away.





Kingdom: Elok (智)

King: Elgar

Strategy, intelligence and knowledge are the words used to explain Elok. Members of the clan spend their days studying and collecting information and secrets of the Oasis. With the understanding that knowledge is more valuable than money, the economy of Elok is fueled by the trade of information.

King Elgar is a man of wisdom and knowledge, ruling over Elok since the rise of the Oasis. Nobody is quite clear on how old King Elgar is, but everybody knows not to get on his bad side.





Kingdom: Kya (兽)

King: Jaeger

The Kingdom of Kya is a kingdom hidden in the forests of Oasis. 

The story tells of King Jaeger, a man with a passion for killing, burned down the village of Auwori because they refused Jaeger’s ascension to the throne